I approach the art of baking with a quiet anticipation. The feel of kneading the dough, the rhythm of the rolling pin, the folding of a danish pastry, the swirling sweet rolls: all is awareness, all is alive.

The outcome is always the same, always different, always new.

I enjoy making whole grain breads, quinoa- and corn-breads, granola and wheat germ bars, Sunfood, varieties of fudge brownies, German tortes, gluten-free cookies and dairy-free desserts. My Danish pastries are one of my specialties.

Here are some of the foods that you can learn to make in my private workshops:

GRANOLA– A combination of organic grains and seeds, roasted with a light sprinkling of expeller pressed safflower oil and agave syrup. Gluten free and Vegan. Great with fruit, rice milk, or yogurt.

MESQUITE GRANOLA– Mesquite meal added to our granola during roasting. This adds a hint of caramel flavor from the warm southwest.

WHOLE GRAIN HOT CEREAL MIX –A healthy seven grain mix, including quinoa. Cooks up quickly as you watch.

BLUE CORN PANCAKE MIX –Organic blue corn and whole wheat, combined equally, make a hearty and flavorful pancake.

GRANOLA BARS– Incredibly tasty. Always organic. Our tradition since 1979. Choose regular or vegan.

SUNFOOD– Simply organic dried fruits, grains, nuts, and seeds chopped finely and pressed into 8 oz bars. Air or sun dried. Never baked. Vegan and gluten free. Good for hiking and traveling.

COOKIES– All varieties can be made vegan. Made with safflower oil and agave syrup. The taste is authentic and satisfying! I love chocolate chip, chocolate chip with pecan, raw cocoa nib and oatmeal raisin.

CARROT QUINOA CAKE — Vegan and gluten free. This cake is stuffed with flavor: carrots, raisins, walnuts, and organic spices. Brushed with agave glaze.

APPLE QUINOA CAKE –Vegan and gluten free. Made with rich baked apple slices, cinnamon, and agave glaze.


Almond Pecan Bear Claws with handmade butter pastry crust – an old family recipe.


Handmade Cheese Danish:


Sonoran White Wheat Bread.

Many other bread varieties also available including: Crusty French, Pumpernickel, German Rye, Sourdough Wheat, 7 Grain, Oatmeal, Olive Herb.