About Monika

In 1978 we moved to the Southwest and opened Monika’s Home Bakery in Tucson. Our bakeries expanded into natural food cafes. We opened the The Ovens of Patagonia in Patagonia, Arizona in 1989 and later the Grasslands Cafe in Sonoita, Arizona.

Tom passed away in March of 2014. We loved the work we did together. Now, in my home kitchen and bakery, I wish to share the experience gained from our more than thirty years of working together. There was the challenge to create the perfect croissant, the most authentic Danish pastry, the crustiest French bread and roll. We wanted to make the healthiest whole grain bread, the best granola bar, the purest Sunfood, and the healthiest muffins. Hearty quiches, filled croissants, vegan soups and many salads filled the menu. I have yet to mention all of our well loved desserts and the large variety of canned goods we made from scratch. All were a joy to make and share.

I believe that food is filled with healing energy. Preparing food together creates healing bonds of friendship and community.