Baking Workshops

Baking Workshops are available Thursday and Saturday afternoons from 1pm to 3:30.

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Workshop Topics are:

1. Basic Bread Making ($75)
Learn to make a loaf of bread and basic bread making techniques
that you can take home to your own kitchen.

2 Bread Making continued ($75)
Here we will expand on basics and make crisp French bread and hard rolls. We will also discuss sourdough breads and make a loaf. You will make your own starter to use at home.

3 Basic Pastry Making ( part 1 ) ($100)
Here we will learn to make a basic pastry dough and explore its uses.
Then we will transform the dough into Danish Pastry sheets and
freeze them for the next workshop.

4 Basic Pastry Making  ( part 2 ) ($100)
Using the Danish pastry sheets we will make  croissants and individual pastries  in traditional shapes and with authentic fillings.
We will discuss using croissants to make filled entrees and appetizers.

5 Pie Crust ($75)
Everything you wanted to know about pie crust. You will make a
Basic apple pie and turnovers.

6 Fresh Fruit and Dessert Tarts ($100)
We will make a traditional tart crust and discuss its uses from individual
Fruit tarts to chocolate cherry tarts and caramel salt tarts. You will be able
To make your own tarts to take home.

7.Making Muffins and Coffee Cakes. ($100)
We will make a basic batter for various muffins and breakfast
cakes. Then you will make fresh blueberry muffins to take home.

8.Exploring Gluten Free Baking. ($125)
Here we will adjust recipes to make them gluten free such as muffins,
breakfast breads and various cookies. We will bake gluten free items for you to take home.

9.Quiche ($100)
Make a spinach and feta quiche without crust. Then we will discuss
making other various vegetable quiches.

10.Soups ($75)
Here we will create a soup base which can be used for all soups to create
delicious flavor. Then we will make a Heart Healthy Soup.

11 More Soup Making ($75)
Here you can make dairy free creamy soups such as butternut squash,
split pea, potato or lentil soup. We will make soft rolls to accompany the soup.

12.Salads ($75)
Learn the secret of real German Potato Salad. Then make a vegan potato salad, carrot salad, cole slaw and kale salad.

13.Basics of Canning ($100)
We will discuss basic canning principles and demonstrate by making
apple sauce and canning it.

14. More Canning ($100)
We will prepare and can ginger pears and brandied apples.

15. August Prickly Pear Canning ($100)
Making and canning prickly pear juice and jelly. This workshop is held several times in mid August.


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  1. Hi! Josie’s mama here! What time of the day are you holding your classes?

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