Bake with Monika

Here are some of the breads, pastries, bars and desserts taught in my workshops:
Artisan breads:  crusty French, Sonoran whole wheat, sourdoughs, dinner rolls, German stollen.
Danish Pastry:  dough preparation, flaky French butter croissants, cheese danish, chocolate croissants, bear claws and the best cinnamon rolls.
Health bars:  granola bars , wheat germ and honey bars, pure Sunfood.
Desserts:  Tom’s pie crust, carrot cake, German chocolate cake, chocolate cherry tarts, salt caramel tarts, vegan chocolate mousse pie, hearty muffins, German fruit and streussel bars.Among the savory foods I teach are: varieties of vegetarian and vegan soups, hearty vegan and vegetarian quiches, vegetarian dinner entree, and many creative salads for sides or complete meals.
Canning is taught seasonally. Here are some of the favorites: the August Prickly Pear Cactus harvest brings juice to make jelly and syrup. Fall is the time to make chutneys, salsas and various canned apple products.Please check my blog posts for classes, times and cost.
Class size can be from two to four persons. Workshops will generally be held on weekend afternoons. Private workshops can be arranged.

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