My Cookbook

My latest cookbook, Nurturing Foods, Recipes and Reflections is now available. An excerpt:

These pages are written so that you, with your own hands, can create something that you love and share with others. These recipes are from our family traditions, reaching back to our youth and our thirty years of baking. They suggest wholesome eating with the use of organic and natural local ingredients. These foods have brought nurtition, comfort, and enjoyment to many. Bringing awareness and intention to the creative process of food preparation will continue to help nurture us all.

My cookbook includes detailed information about my recommended tools and ingredients and my favorite recipes from breads and pastries to salads, soups, entrees and much more. I am grateful to my late husband, Tom, for adding to my reflections his three poems: Into the Headwind, Equinox and The Lees of Fire.

Please order your copy by emailing me directly at monikaaylward at gmail dot com.


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